Honda Accord Door Lock Actuator

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1-24 of 56 Results

    1-24 of 56 Results

    About Honda Accord Door Lock Actuator

    Your Honda Accord is as reliable as it is sleek, and never fails to get you there and back again. However, even the best of cars have parts that are subject to breaking down. The Honda Accord door lock actuator is one of these and it causes a great deal of inconvenience when they decide to bite the dust. Shop the incredible assortment at AutoZone to restore your ride's functionality.

    The door lock actuator for Honda Accord is a small part that plays a big part in the overall design. This piece is the electrical component responsible for the remote locking and unlocking of the doors of your vehicle. Therefore, when the part becomes faulty or otherwise malfunctions, you'll need to physically insert the key into the lock in order to secure your car. Thankfully, replacing these parts is easy, thanks to AutoZone's great advice from trustworthy staff members, and our handy Loan-a-Tool program, which gets you just the tools you need for any project. You can also benefit from free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing during your in-store visit.



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    Second time for replacement


    in a year

    The product seems fine and appears well built but it did not last as long as I had hoped mainly because it is moderately difficult to install. The original Honda part lasted for about 120,000 miles and this Duralast failed after about 40,000 miles.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2003 Honda Accord Coupe

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    My Door Locks Working


    in 2 years

    I like that they can look up my parts by vehicle search, so I don’t always have to remove and bring my part in. Also I am always hitting AutoZone for needs on my cars and I post it on Snapchat : neonkoneko & Instagram : mygtfrenzyredwolf

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? Honda Pilot 2003 / Honda Accord 1998 / Mazda CX3 2019