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1-24 of 79 Results

1-24 of 79 Results


      Toyota Corolla Door Lock Actuator

      You may not think about the different parts that make your electric door locks operable. However, if the Toyota Corolla door lock actuator breaks, it's something to become familiar with. Without this part, the electric component of the lock doesn't work, so find a quality replacement at AutoZone.

      There are different reasons why your electric door locks stop working. Often, it's just a bad battery in your key fob, but in some cases, it's the door lock actuator for Toyota Corolla. This part actually makes the doors lock and unlock, so if it's faulty, then the locks don't work except by using a key. To fix the issue, come to AutoZone for a replacement part. We are all about providing the right products at the right prices and offering trustworthy advice provided by helpful staff. Shop our in-store assortment and enjoy perks like free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing at the same time.