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      Car Door Weather Stripping

      Don't Underestimate Your Door Seals

      The next time you take a ride in your truck's climate-controlled cabin, take a moment to thank the door seals and weatherstrips that provide such an enjoyable trip. Door seals effectively keep the elements outside and maintain an ideal travel temperature inside. At AutoZone, we offer the best door seal and weatherstrips for cars and trucks. They're designed to guarantee your comfort for ages. 

      How Weatherstripping Seals Work

      Weatherstripping seals virtually every part of an automobile's cabin. It provides a solid barrier against wind, rain, snow and moisture. Seals keep car doors closed tightly, make sure windows fit snugly into place, protect the contents of your trunk from dirt, and let you enjoy a gorgeous sunroof without worrying about leaks.

      Door Seals Improve Climate Control Systems

      Door seals are essential for at least five reasons: temperature control, noise reduction, automotive cleanliness, moisture resistance and wear protection. Put simply, weatherstripping increases the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. This way you can enjoy a cool ride even if temperatures are scorching outside, or stay toasty during frosty winter commutes.

      Solve Your Leaky Seal Problems

      Without weatherstripping, it doesn't take long for rushing air to get annoying. Listing to your favorite tunes is difficult when you have major noise from leaky seals. High-quality door seals and weatherstripping prevent this problem. Good seals also keep dirt and water outside your vehicle, protecting electronic components and preventing dust from building up. Finally, rubber seals act as a cushion, keeping metal parts from scratching against each other.

      Symptoms of Faulty Weatherstripping

      There are several ways to tell that it's time to replace weatherstripping. You may notice moisture leaks, such as wet areas after taking your vehicle through the car wash. A whistling noise while driving down the highway means that window seals aren't airtight anymore. A quick visual inspection can also tell you that door seals are starting to crack or tear. Fortunately, many weatherstripping replacement tasks are easy for someone who likes DIY projects. This is one reason that attempting to repair old door seals is usually a waste of time. It's better to bite the bullet and replace damaged weatherstripping using high-quality, modern seals. Find the right seal for urgent projects by searching for “door seal and weatherstrips near me” in our AutoZone online inventory.

      Simple and Convenient Installation

      If this is your first rodeo, it's important to know that weatherstripping is usually offered in rolls. This lets you work with the amount you need for your vehicle's door or body area. Window seals are a little different: beltline and run channel seals are formed specifically for the area they're installed in, and usually feature clips to hold them in place.

      Find What You Need at AutoZone

      Installation of door seals means tearing out the old weatherstripping and cleaning the channel with adhesive remover. You may need to remove the door panel if it covers part of the seal. Attach the new seal using weatherstripping adhesive and give it a protective coat of silicone for better cold weather performance. For the lowest prices on door seal and weatherstrips and helpful DIY replacement tips, talk to our helpful AutoZone pros in person or contact us online.