Headlight Assembly

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    1-24 of 6961 Results

    About Headlight Assembly

    Brighten up the Future of Your Driving

    Throughout your vehicle's lifetime, you might notice that driving at night isn't as well illuminated as it used to be or that your headlights are not working due to an accident or the slow deterioration of time. If you check your headlights and note that one is much dimmer than the other or isn't working at all, it might be time to purchase a new headlight assembly from AutoZone. Whether you've just faced a fender-bender and need to fix up a dented front or if you've decided to soup up your vehicle's appearance with bright new lights, you can trust AutoZone to have the best headlight assemblies for cars and trucks. Double-check with the vehicle fit tool right here on the AutoZone website to make sure you're getting just what you need for a brighter driving experience.

    Diagnosing and Installing a New Assembly

    You know it's time to install a new headlight assembly when the headlight doesn't come on or has become cracked or foggy. By quickly searching “headlight assemblies near me,” you're sure to discover AutoZone's great selection. Order online and either wait for shipping or pick up your new part in a local AutoZone whenever is convenient. Once you have the part, you'll just need to put it in. Installing your own headlight assembly can be a cost-effective and rewarding experience. For most vehicles, it's a simple matter of removing the front grill, undoing a few screws, unplugging the wiring and taking out the old assembly. From there, simply work backward to plug in, bolt into place, and reattach anything you took off. If you're not sure you're up to the task, or if you don't think you have the right tools, there's a good chance you can still save money by purchasing the part and asking a local handyman to help you out.

    Selection and Value

    No matter how experienced a car mechanic you are, you can trust that you're getting a deal when you shop at AutoZone. Enjoy some of the lowest prices on headlight assemblies anywhere, so you can maintain and repair your vehicle without breaking the bank. The wide selection both online and in-stores has everything you need when you want to work on your car. Get headlights specifically made to match the manufacturer's specifications on your vehicle, or upgrade to LED or sweet custom lights. Don't forget bulbs and replacement wires in case you don't need to replace the whole headlight assembly or if you just like to keep spares on hand for a quick fix in a pinch. Browse through tools and maintenance parts available to buy or rent to ensure you have everything you need to keep your vehicle safe and running well. Not sure how to find what you're looking for? Chat with a helpful AutoZoner online or in your local AutoZone showroom, so you can trust you're getting the right parts the first time.