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Get an exact fit for your Chevrolet Blazer

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1-24 of 50 Results


      Chevrolet Blazer Headlight Assembly

      Having a properly functioning Chevrolet Blazer headlight assembly is key to staying safe on the road. A faulty housing can start to fade or become foggy over time, blocking your headlight’s output. This potentially puts you or other drivers on the road at risk.

      Purchasing a new headlight assembly for Chevy Blazer is easy at AutoZone. These housings enclose and protect your main driving lights, as well as your high beams and turn signals. Having a clean and clear housing assembly makes you a safer driver. Don’t let cracks or holes in your headlights create moisture buildup. Replacing your Blazer headlight housing restores light output and the overall appearance of your vehicle. With Same Day Store Pickup, grab your headlight assembly at your local AutoZone today.