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Get an exact fit for your Dodge Durango

1-24 of 66 Results

1-24 of 66 Results


      Dodge Durango Headlight Assembly

      Your Dodge Durango gets it all done for you. It carries your passengers and tows your cargo at the same time – not hesitating one bit. Foggy or faded headlight housings keep your vehicle from looking its best and performing at top-quality. Replace your Dodge Durango headlight assembly and renew your vehicle’s appearance.

      Moisture gets into your headlight assembly through small cracks and holes. This causes fogging, which makes your car look dirty and reduces your bulbs’ light output. A new headlight assembly for Dodge Durango cleans up your vehicle’s appearance and makes driving at night safer. AutoZone has the Durango headlight housing you need at a price you like. We offer Same Day Store Pickup and our unique Loan-a-Tool Program makes installation a piece of cake.