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Get an exact fit for your Kia Rio

1-24 of 32 Results

1-24 of 32 Results


      Kia Rio Headlight Assembly

      Your Kia Rio is a unique subcompact car that gets excellent fuel efficiency and is equally fun to drive. What’s not fun is your Rio when it needs to have its headlight assembly replaced. A cracked or dim assembly creates visibility problems and wears your lights down. Replace it with a new Kia Rio headlight assembly from AutoZone.

      The longer you go with a cracked headlight assembly, the more you risk exposing your bulbs to moisture. Moisture causes your bulbs to dim and eventually stop working completely. Instead of letting it get to this point, consider a new headlight assembly for Kia Rio available at AutoZone. Every product we stock is custom-fit for your Rio and AutoZone is the place to go to save both time and money. Shop online for your new assembly and pick it up in a store today with Same Day Store Pickup.