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Get an exact fit for your Toyota 4Runner

1-24 of 61 Results

1-24 of 61 Results


      Toyota 4Runner Headlight Assembly

      Driving at night is an adventure in itself, but it’s even more exciting when you’re on the trails in your 4Runner. Don’t let limited vision from cloudy headlight housings compromise your safety. Order a Toyota 4Runner headlight assembly from AutoZone to keep your light output vibrant.

      Your headlights are right out in front and at a level that catches a lot of the road debris and rocks that other tires throw. That puts them at high risk for cracks and chips, which in turn, leads to moisture and debris inside around your bulbs and sockets. Immediate replacement of a damaged housing is critical. Head to AutoZone for trustworthy advice provided by helpful staff to identify the 4Runner headlight housing that’s vehicle specific so the mounts, wiring and sockets line up on your SUV.