Sylvania Basic Headlight Bulb

1-24 of 41 Results

    1-24 of 41 Results

    About Sylvania Basic Headlight Bulb

    Headlights are the primary safety devices your car has to make driving at night safe. When you're looking for a little extra visibility, Sylvania LED headlights are an excellent choice. With higher lumens and a crystal white color as well as less heat than other types of bulbs, you'll be able to see clearer and further for years. At AutoZone, the best headlamps and headlights from Sylvania are easy to find and affordable including ZEVO LED bulbs.

    The Sylvania brands uses the name ZEVO for their automotive LED light solutions, whether you're shopping for mini bulbs or headlights. LED bulbs are long-lasting and are warrantied for up to five years in most cases, and LEDs can mimic other colors simply by changing the frequency. As well, LED headlights illuminate immediately and don't need to warm up like incandescent or HID bulbs, making them effective as soon as you turn them on.

    Choosing a Sylvania ZEVO LED Headlight

    At AutoZone, LED headlights from Sylvania are easy to find for your vehicle. Using the vehicle filters, choose from a range of bulbs that fit your car exactly. You'll find plug-and-play replacements for bulb sizes that are traditionally incandescent, designed to work just like the original bulb but better. Filter your search results by year, make, model, and engine size to find Sylvania ZEVO LED headlights that fit perfectly. When you're searching for auto body parts near me that you can pick up right away or bulbs you can get delivered to your door, you'll find them from AutoZone.