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Get an exact fit for your BMW 328i

1-24 of 32 Results

1-24 of 32 Results


      BMW 328i Headlight Bulb

      The emotionally engaging driving experience and superior handling makes it enjoyable to take your BMW 328i to all sorts of places in all kinds of driving conditions. AutoZone's high-quality BMW 328i headlights ensures safer driving at night and in low-visibility conditions by increasing your visibility and ability to notify others of your presence on the road.

      A faulty 328i headlight isn't only a safety hazard, but it's also a reason for a police officer to pull you over. Our headlights for BMW 328i hooks into the 12-volt power supply of your luxury sedan, which provides electricity to power up the lights. With this easy upgrade, you can easily control the high and low beam functions with a switch located in the cabin. Installation is easy and quick, especially when you order online and use our Same Day Store Pickup and handy Loan-a-Tool program. For any questions, our helpful staff is available to provide trustworthy advice whenever you visit your local store.