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Get an exact fit for your Buick Regal

1-24 of 67 Results

1-24 of 67 Results


      Buick Regal Headlight Bulb

      Spacious, luxurious and powerful to boot, your Buick Regal offers everything you need in one impressive and attractive package. Improve your visibility on the road-no matter what time of day you're driving-with a new set of Buick Regal headlights from AutoZone.

      Our premium headlights for Buick Regal not only illuminate the roadway ahead, letting you know of any obstructions and giving you ample time to stop, but they also come in both high and low beam functions so you're able to utilize the right amount of electricity for current driving conditions. Invest in a new Regal headlight today and in addition to improved safety, gain access to great perks like our convenient Loan-a-Tool program for quick and easy installation. You can also peruse our extensive in-store selection and benefit from free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing during your visit.