2015 Chevrolet Malibu Headlight Bulb

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1-20 of 20 Results


2015 Chevrolet Malibu Headlight Bulb

It's hard to see what lies in the roadway ahead of your car at night, which is why your car has headlights. When they're on, you can see quite a distance in front of your car. But if you have a Chevrolet Malibu headlight bulb that isn't working like it should, it reduces your ability to see. Fortunately, just a replacement headlight bulb often restores your lighting, and you'll find any bulbs you need at AutoZone.

2015 Chevrolet Malibu Bulb Sizes

Every car is manufactured using different bulbs, and that can make it complicated to find the right headlights for Chevrolet Malibu models. If you remove one of the headlights, the size is printed on the side of the bulb. For simpler selection, use the filter above to view the headlight bulb size for your 2015 Malibu. High-beam headlights require size H7, and low beams take a size H11 bulb.

If you're looking for better lighting for your Malibu, options are available. You can select ultra-bright halogen, LED headlights, or high-intensity discharge (HID) headlight bulbs to fit your car. It's recommended to replace headlight bulbs in pairs to match the intensity and color side to side.

Symptoms of Bad Headlights

It's common for headlights to lose brightness over time. Some drivers search for headlight adjustment near me when the solution is often just a new headlight bulb. If you've noticed that one or both headlights is dimmer than it used to be or you've detected flickering from time to time, a new headlight bulb is likely the correction. And of course, if a headlight isn't working at all, swap it out with a new bulb.

How to Replace Headlight Assembly

Replacing a headlight is a straightforward job that can be tackled by any DIYer. Access the back of the headlight assembly under the hood. Although space is limited, you can remove the dust cover without any special tools, unclip the wiring harness, then slightly turn the bulb to remove it. The new headlight bulb is then ready to be installed.

From Chevrolet headlight bulbs to brake parts and wiper blades to fluids, you'll find What It Takes To Do The Job Right at AutoZone. Filter by year, make, model, and engine size to locate parts from popular brands like Sylvania that fit just like OEM. Choose Free Next-Day Delivery or Same-Day In-Store or Curbside Pickup to receive your parts fast so you can complete your project.