2009 Honda Accord Headlight Bulb

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1-24 of 30 Results

1-24 of 30 Results


      2009 Honda Accord Headlight Bulb

      The headlights for 2009 Honda Accord models are mounted facing forward so bright bulbs can illuminate the road in front of your car. If you have difficulty seeing obstacles and vehicles in your path, it could be as simple as a problem with a bulb. Fortunately, it' a simple repair to fix car lighting, and AutoZone has the 2009 Honda Accord headlights and headlamps you'll require to properly do the job.

      2009 Honda Accord Bulb Sizes

      Bulbs are assigned a number that identifies their size and shape, and it' marked on the side of the bulb. Only the exact same headlight bulb will fit as your car had from the factory. For the 2009 Honda Accord, headlight bulb sizes are either a 9006 for the low beams or an H11 for the high beams, and brighter options can be chosen including HID or LED bulbs. Wondering which sizes fit your car? Ask an AutoZone associate or use the filter above to narrow down the selection.

      Signs You Need New Headlights

      Bulbs will eventually fail after hundreds of hours in use. When they do, symptoms show up that let you know it may be time to change a bulb. If you have flickering headlights, a dimly lit headlight bulb, a headlight that momentarily stops working after a jolt, or a bulb that is burnt out, you'll want to change it for a new headlight bulb.

      How to Replace a Broken Headlight

      Headlight bulbs are fitted into the back of the headlamp housing, but access isn't possible from under the hood o the 2009 Accord. Instead, remove the wheel well liner and locate the headlight bulb from inside the wheel well. Turn the bulb a quarter turn to remove it, then install the new bulb in its place, switching the wiring over between the bulbs.

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