2014 Honda Civic Headlight Bulb

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1-24 of 30 Results

1-24 of 30 Results


      2014 Honda Civic Headlight Bulb

      The 2014 Civic's front-end style is highlighted by its sporty grille and headlights, but there's a higher purpose. Honda Civic headlight bulbs are meant to illuminate the road ahead of your car so you can see clearly at night. With even one headlight not working, it reduces your vision and can elicit a traffic ticket. The corrective action is often a replacement headlight bulb that takes just minutes to change and is available at AutoZone.

      2014 Honda Civic Bulb Sizes

      Headlights for Honda Civic models must be a specific shape and size to fit, but almost all headlights look the same. How do you choose? One way to find the headlight bulb size you needs requires removing the headlight bulb to find the number stamped on the side, but you can also use AutoZone's filters to see the options. For the 2014 Civic, the size changes based on the body style, so filtering for fitment is crucial.

      The factory-equipped bulbs are typically halogen headlights. However, substitute for better performance options like ultra-white halogen, LED headlights, and HID headlamp bulbs from Sylvania.

      Signs of Faulty Headlights

      Bulbs don't last forever, and they can fail over time, from a serious bump, or from condensation in the headlights. If you notice a headlight on your Civic flickering or working dimly, it's time to change it out. Obviously, a headlight bulb that isn't working at all should be changed. Since bulbs typically last similar intervals, it's best to replace your headlights in pairs.

      Do your headlamps seem hazy and oxidized? We can show you how to clean headlights to restore them to a clear, bright finish.

      How to Replace a Headlight

      Gain access to the back of the headlamp housing to change the light bulb. There may be items in the way that need to be moved or temporarily taken out. Once you locate the burnt-out bulb's location, disconnect the wiring harness and turn the bulb slightly to loosen and remove it. Then, install the new bulb and plug it in, then finish assembling any other parts.

      AutoZone has all the parts and accessories you could need, from Honda headlight bulbs and cabin air filters to engine parts and more. Find the right fitment and style by using the year, make, model, and engine size above. Choose fast, Free Next-Day Delivery on eligible orders or pick them up even sooner with Same-Day In-Store or Curbside Pickup.