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1-9 of 9 Results


      Honda S2000 Headlight Bulb

      To drive a sports car at night requires bright, dependable lighting, and that' exactly the purpose for Honda S2000 headlight bulbs. Unfortunately, light bulbs don't last forever and they eventually need to be replaced for safe driving after dark. A new bulb is all it takes, and AutoZone has the parts you need to get it done including Honda S2000 headlights and headlamps.

      Honda S2000 Headlight Bulb Sizes

      Whether you're piloting a little rocket like the S2000 or any other vehicle, only specific bulb sizes fit for any application. A Honda S2000 headlight bulb from the factory is an H1 halogen bulb for the high beams, but the low beams are high-intensity discharge xenon-filled bulbs with a size D2S designation. Find exact replacements and upgraded bulbs and housings listed at AutoZone.

      Symptoms of Bad Headlights

      Over time and with use, headlight bulbs tend to lose their brightness and don't perform as well as they used to. Most drivers expect a headlight will burn out when it needs to be changed. That may be true, but other symptoms can be exhibited that indicate it' time to change a bulb. If you notice constant flickering, a bulb working intermittently, or a dimly lit bulb, it' probably due for replacement.

      How to Replace Headlight Assembly

      Headlight bulbs fit into a clear housing from the back side. Changing the bulb itself is simple, but gaining access often requires disassembly, taking off a dust cover, or removing the headlamp housing itself. Once you can reach the bulb, remove it from its socket and install the new bulb, taking great care to avoid touching the glass on the bulb.

      From headlight housings and bulbs to bumper covers and trim, find all your Honda S2000 body parts at AutoZone. Filter by year, make, model, and engine size to be sure you're getting parts that fit like the factory. Choose Free Next-Day Delivery or Same-Day In-Store or Curbside Pickup to get your hands on the parts you need conveniently and quickly.