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Get an exact fit for your Kia Sedona

1-24 of 36 Results

1-24 of 36 Results


      Kia Sedona Headlight Bulb

      Your Kia Sedona minivan has top safety ratings making it the ideal vehicle for transporting your family. Don't forget, though, that some safety features require basic maintenance to perform properly. Make sure you replace broken or burnt-out Kia Sedona Headlights with new ones from AutoZone.

      Headlights for Kia Sedona can be operated via a switch inside the passenger compartment. Flipping this switch activates a 12-volt power supply that sends electricity to the headlights, causing them to turn on. These lights allow you to see and be seen in darkness, snow, rain, sleet and fog, while boosting your Sedona's front-end style. Inspect your headlights regularly and trust AutoZone to provide the right replacement Sedona headlight through our extensive assortment. Take advantage of our Loan-a-Tool program for easy installation, as well as free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you peruse our in-store assortment.