Pontiac Torrent Headlight Bulb

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1-8 of 8 Results

1-8 of 8 Results


      Pontiac Torrent Headlight Bulb

      Bright white lights face forward on your SUV to see the road, which you commonly know as Pontiac Torrent headlight bulbs. They're for illuminating the road so you can drive safely at night, and a bad bulb can be hazardous. Fortunately, fixing it often involves just a short repair, and AutoZone carries bulbs to fit your Pontiac Torrent headlight assembly perfectly.

      Pontiac Torrent Bulb Sizes

      Each automotive bulb is powered by a socket that tucks tidily into a housing. Not just any bulb will fit into the Torrent headlights assembly and, along with being the right fit, it must be the correct brightness. Finding the right bulb is as easy as matching the number stamped on the side of the bulb or filtering search results above by year, make, model, and engine size. If you're having trouble, an AutoZone associate can provide Trustworthy Advice.

      Signs You Need New Headlights & How to Replace Them

      Headlights won't last forever, and you'll usually need to change them every couple of years. If they're failing, you'll notice signs that can include flickering, decreased light output, intermittent operation, or it might not come on at all. It's best to replace headlights in pairs, and it's an easy job. Locate the bad bulb under the hood, disconnect the wiring harness, and turn the old bulb a quarter-turn to remove it. Install it in the opposite order.

      When you need parts for your Torrent including bulbs, brakes exhaust parts, or drivetrain components, AutoZone can help. Find the part you need from top brands like Sylvania with options like Same-Day In-Store or Curbside Pickup and Free Next-Day Delivery to get them in no time.