2011 Toyota Camry Headlight Bulb

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1-19 of 19 Results


      2011 Toyota Camry Headlight Bulb

      The headlights for Toyota Camry models operate by passing an electric current through the bulb, causing it to glow. It casts a beam of light on the road ahead of your car at night so you can see where you're going. With even one headlight not working, your visibility is compromised, and it can make driving less safe. Often all it takes to correct the problem is a replacement headlight bulb that you can find at AutoZone.

      2011 Toyota Camry Bulb Sizes

      Only the correct bulb will fit your Toyota Camry headlight assemblies. Attempting to use the wrong bulb either won't work properly or at all, or it could damage your headlight system. Match the bulb by checking the headlight bulb size printed on the bulb itself, or sort AutoZone products to identify the correct fit for your 2011 Camry. High-beam headlights require size 9005 while an H11 bulb is used for the low beams.

      For drivers who want cool white lights or a beam that's cast further, upgraded bulbs are an option. Select from Sylvania bulbs that include LED headlights, HID-style bulbs, and ultra-white halogen headlights.

      When to Replace Headlights

      Bulb failures can occur after hundreds of hours of use, a hard jolt, or if there is condensation in headlight housings. Symptoms can include dim light output, flickering beams, and a bulb that simply won't light up anymore. Changing the bulb itself is often all you need get your lights back in working order.

      Toyota headlight bulbs are inexpensive and easy to change. It's recommended to replace them in pairs. Depending on the bulb you choose, expect each headlight bulb to cost around $20 and up.

      Headlight Assembly Installation

      Access the headlight bulb you want to change from under the hood. You may need to make some room by moving components like the battery and air filter housing. Disconnect the wiring plug from the headlight you want to change, then turn it slightly to remove it from the housing. Then, install the new bulb and connect the wiring harness to complete the job.

      From bulbs and wiper blades to struts and filters, AutoZone carries everything you need to maintain and repair your 2011 Camry. Filter by year, make, model, and engine size to see parts from popular brands that suit your vehicle. With Same-Day In-Store and Curbside Pickup and Free Next-Day Delivery, your headlights will be working perfectly very soon.