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    1-24 of 2810 Results

    About Lift Support

    Easy Storage Access May Require Repairs

    Lift supports help you open trunks, hoods and hatches around your car with ease, and are what holds them open while you perform repairs, load up with cargo or otherwise need to have use of your hands. They use a compression system containing an inert gas (usually nitrogen) to get the job done, and though they are rather simple in design, offer indispensable services to the modern driver and DIY mechanic. Even so, they are prone to wearing out after years of use, and will need to be replaced to keep the use of hoods and trunks safe. Fortunately, AutoZone has plenty of the best lift supports for cars and trucks to choose from so you can get the job done sooner.

    Unavoidable Wear and Tear

    Lift supports fall under the category of accessories that tend to be looked over during regular maintenance stops. This isn't because they aren't important, but rather because they're self-cleaning and, in most cases, designed to fail over time. As a general rule of thumb, these lifts should be replaced once every five years or so in order to discourage malfunction at crucial moments. Failure often hinges on the dropping of gas pressure within the cylindrical chamber, which is caused by a wide range of different issues. Extreme temperatures, frequent use and natural permeation of the elements over time are the chief offenders when it comes to compromising the gas pressure, issues which, unfortunately, are largely unavoidable.

    Signs Its Time to Replace

    If you don't prefer to adhere to the preventive five-year replacement rule, you can keep an eye out for a few obvious signs that your existing lift supports are ready to bite the dust. Difficulty opening a trunk, hood or hatch is a surefire sign that something's gone amiss with your lifts, as is failure of the lift in question to keep the hatch open. However, it's usually best to replace the part before something goes wrong. At AutoZone we offer the lowest prices on lift supports so you never need to choose between function and saving money in your repair budget.

    The Perfect Fit for Your Vehicle

    Each lift is vehicle-specific when it comes to fit, which is something you should keep in mind throughout your shopping experience. You can either use the drop-down bars to select your vehicle's year, make, model and other details from the top of the product page, or search “lift supports near me” and head in to your nearest AutoZone store for some expert advice. Trained staff members can help you find the right lift support for your vehicle in no time, and even offer some installation tips along with any information you might need about the replacement process. Furthermore, if you do decide to order online, we offer free ship-to-home delivery on all our in-stock items, which means you'll save a bit more cash for other projects down the line.