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Get an exact fit for your Infiniti G35

1-5 of 5 Results

1-5 of 5 Results


      Infiniti G35 Lift Support

      Luxury vehicles don't get much better than your Infiniti G35. In order to keep this exceptional example of first-class performance in great condition, you need to ensure that every component is working as it should, including your Infiniti G35 lift support. If you need a durable replacement, AutoZone has you covered.

      There are several warning signs to watch out for in order to see if your lift support for Infiniti G35 is beginning to fail. If you open your hood, cargo hatch or trunk and then it slowly begins to close, that is a sign of early failure. Another symptom is that hydraulic fluid appears on the support piston within the mechanism responsible for lifting. Keep your car is fantastic working condition by getting the replacement parts you need at AutoZone. You can even shop our online selection today and benefit from Same Day Store Pickup.