Volkswagen Beetle Lift Support

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1-9 of 9 Results

1-9 of 9 Results
Sachs Lift Support 3B-452693 for Volkswagen Beetle
  • Part # 3B-452693
  • SKU # 698179
Sachs Lift Support 3B-016955 for Volkswagen Beetle
  • Part # 3B-016955
  • SKU # 853507
Sachs Lift Support 3B-017667 for Volkswagen Beetle
  • Part # 3B-017667
  • SKU # 853513
Sachs Lift Support 6B-896528 for Volkswagen Beetle
  • Part # 6B-896528
  • SKU # 946839

Volkswagen Beetle Lift Support

Your Volkswagen Beetle may be small, but it has spunk and an iconic style. It's practical too, with more room in its trunk than you expect. If you notice the trunk slowly falling down on you as you are loading your cargo, it means you need new Beetle lift supports from AutoZone.

On each side of your trunk or cargo hatch and hood, there is a lift support for Volkswagen Beetle that makes opening and closing the part easy. When the trunk or hood slowly falls down, it's a warning that replacement is needed. If you ignore it, complete lack of support occurs. Prevent this total failure by installing a new Volkswagen Beetle lift support from AutoZone at the first sign of trouble. We provide you with the right products at the right prices and the option to borrow tools through our Loan-a-Tool program.



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Replaced the rear lifts on 02 VW Beetle with added spoiler and these lifted and held hatch just fine. I don’t have to hold it on my head as I dig into the trunk.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2002 Volkswagen Beetle