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      Mirror Replacement Glass

      Your car's side mirrors play a major role in your ability to drive safely. Without them, you would have extreme difficulty switching lanes, parallel parking and more. Here's what you should know about your side mirrors and how they can work for you.

      What is Side Mirror Glass?

      Although this piece of equipment is used every day, there may still be so much that you don't know about it. You may be asking yourself, “What is side mirror glass exactly?” The short answer is that it is made of a single-ply reflective tempered glass. The glass is heated and cooled in a way that helps prevent it from shattering like traditional glass when broken.

      The side view mirrors on a vehicle increase your awareness of other vehicles on the road as well as any obstacles that may surround a car or truck. It is necessary to order replacement mirrors that are the right size and shape for the year, make and model of your vehicle. You will find the lowest prices on mirror replacement glass when you shop at AutoZone.

      Types of Mirror Replacement Glass

      Side mirrors are available in lots of different styles with various features to choose from. However, the main types of side mirror glass are either convex or flat.

      - Flat mirror: This type of can be found on the driver's side and is truer to view than the passenger side mirror. It tends to be positioned in proximity to the driver and in such a way that the image does not need to be distorted in order to be visible.
      - Convex mirror: Unlike the flat mirror, the convex mirror is located on the passenger side and curves inward causing image distortion. Because of this, these mirrors have a warning on them that the objects seen are actually closer. These types are constructed in this manner in order to help the driver view objects shown in this mirror from the driver's seat.

      Some side mirrors include:

      - Blind-spot mirrors: You can find these little mirrors already pre-built into the passenger mirror, or they can be added on. This extra feature helps provide a better view of the vehicle's rear, helping decrease the blind spot area.
      - Auto dimming: Sometimes, mirrors can cause a glare. However, auto-dimming mirrors help prevent that. The glass is covered in a special gel that can gauge the amount of brightness and adjust accordingly.
      - Heated mirrors: The heating mechanism found in this type helps prevent moisture and ice from remaining on the surface. This is especially handy during colder months when ice can sometimes form on the glass, making it difficult to see properly.
      - Built-in turn signal light: Having this added feature can help increase driver safety as it makes your intentions clear to other drivers.

      When to Replace Your Side Mirror Glass

      Replacing your side mirror's glass is something that can actually be done yourself provided you have the proper tools for the job. Knowing when to replace the glass or the entire mirror will depend on the housing. If your housing is intact but your glass is compromised, you can save by replacing only the glass.

      Whether you are considering changing your entire side mirror or just the glass, it is important that you do so right away. While laws pertaining to broken side mirrors can vary by state, your mirrors are critical to your safety and should be a fixed immediately if there is a problem.

      Applying a Side Mirror Glass

      The list below is a general description of how this job is done. It may vary based on your make and model.

      - Wear protective gloves to remove any loose pieces of a broken mirror. There is no need to pry out portions of the old glass that are still securely attached or scrape off the old adhesive.
      - Use solvent to clean any remaining glass and the plastic mirror retainer, which typically has a honeycomb pattern.
      - Apply black rubber or silicone adhesive sealant to the plastic base and any remaining glass. Only use sealant in places that will not make contact with the adhesive strips on the back of mirror replacement glass. Adding extra adhesive may actually weaken the bond. You should also avoid applying adhesive sealant too close to the edges of the mirror.
      - Attach the replacement glass and make sure that the adhesive pads make contact with the plastic base. A good fit will increase the likelihood that mirror glass will remain in place. Use masking tape or automotive tape to hold the mirror until adhesive sealant cures.
      - Be sure to follow the instructions for the sealant you use. Black rubber sealant cures in approximately two hours and will dry fully in about 24 hours. Silicone sealant should become tack free in one hour and cure within 24 hours. It may take more or less time for adhesive sealants to cure and set depending on temperature and moisture levels.

      Shopping Has Never Been Easier

      Enter the specifications of a car or truck to narrow down the replacement mirror glass options to products that provide the right fit. You should confirm part numbers, the side of the vehicle on which replacement glass is designed for installation, mirror shape and power features prior to placing an order.

      Choose from precut mirror replacement glass from trusted brands such as Burco, KSource, Dorman HELP and Pilot. AutoZone stocks the best mirror replacement glass for cars and trucks.

      Most items can be picked up in store or shipped to your home for easy installation. If an entire side view mirror assembly is damaged, you should replace all of the components. Broken mirror glass can be replaced easily and quickly.

      There's Nothing Comparable

      AutoZone is your best option when you need to find mirror replacement glass near me. Free next day shipping is available on some mirror replacement glass, which will be safely delivered to your door. You can also pick up replacement glass and adhesive sealant in store or order certain models of mirror replacement glass in store.