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1-24 of 4976 Results


      Tail Light Assembly

      Stay Visible and Safe with Working Tail Lights

      As an automobile owner and driver, one of the most important parts of your vehicle is the tail light assembly, which is the collection of lights at the rear of the car or truck comprising the brake lights, reverse lights and tail lights. It is crucial to make sure that all these lights are in proper working order, for the safety of yourself and other drivers on the road. If you are in the market for the best tail light assemblies for cars and trucks, look no further. AutoZone has a wide selection of tail light assemblies for specific vehicles to get your lights shining once again.

      Old Lights Wearing Out?

      There are many reasons why a driver might need a new tail light assembly, but two of the most common causes are collision damage and dimming from expiring lightbulbs. No matter if only one of the lights in the fixture is not working correctly, the assembly needs to be examined and brought back to optimal condition. This way, you and your passengers can rest assured that you are driving safely and communicating well with other drivers on the road.

      Variety and Selection

      We at AutoZone are proud to offer tail light assemblies that conform to United States federal motor vehicle safety standards as well as Department of Transportation requirements because we care about your safety on the road. Strong testing regulations and solid manufacturing protocols are valuable elements of our service commitment to our customers. We also understand the importance of a local presence. Have you ever wondered, “are there any tail light assemblies near me?” As an extra part of our dedication towards customer care, we operate 5,673 locations in the United States so there are likely many helpful AutoZone professionals near to you, ready to assist with any installation or purchasing questions you may have about tail light assemblies.

      Value Pricing Every Time

      Regardless of the vehicle you drive, we at AutoZone are pleased to sell a range of affordable tail light assemblies for the benefit of your safety and your budget. Most of the tail lights in our inventory require little to no vehicle modifications or complicated drilling, which saves you more money on installation costs. For this reason, we are happy to say that we are competitive with the market and can offer some of the lowest prices on tail light assemblies today.

      Quality and Experience You Can Trust

      We at AutoZone believe that buying a high-quality tail light assembly does not need to be complicated or expensive. That is why we supply a variety of options to fit most vehicles on the road. For whatever reason, if you are in the market for a new tail light assembly for your automobile, consider stopping by your local AutoZone or checking out our inventory online. Our experienced employees are happy to assist with personalized advice and professional attention.