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Get an exact fit for your Mercedes Benz C230
Headlight assembly cracked or busted? Check out our replacements.

1-4 of 4 Results

1-4 of 4 Results


      Mercedes Benz C230 Tail Light Assembly

      The epitome of luxury, your Mercedes is perfect, and you keep it looking that way with regular detailing and maintenance. But when the Mercedes-Benz C230 tail light assembly is broken or cloudy, your perfect car starts to look a little old and worn out. When you need a quality replacement part, AutoZone has you covered.

      The tail light assembly not only protects the bulbs of your brake lights and turn signals, but it also helps other drivers distinguish which lights are on and what you're doing. When you're visible, you're safer. So, in addition to keeping your Benz looking good, you keep yourself and other drivers aware of your maneuvers. Replace the light cover with a new Benz C230 tail lamp assembly from AutoZone, where we provide the right products at the right prices. Order online and get it fast with Same Day Store Pickup, or choose Free Shipping on purchases for added value.