Dorman Turn Signal Lever 2330909
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  • Thumbnail  Dorman Turn Signal Lever 2330909
  • Thumbnail  Dorman Turn Signal Lever 2330909

Dorman Turn Signal Lever 2330909

Part # 2330909
SKU # 724116
Notes: Packaging type: Box



Part #2330909
SKU #724116

1.- Without cruise control

NotesPackaging type: Box
Windshield Wiper Delay Settings8
Rear Window Wiper Speed SettingsNo
Hazard Lights OperatorYes
Cruise Control CancelNo
Cruise Control On/Off OperatorNo
Windshield Wiper Mist SettingYes
Rear Window Wiper Delay ControlNo
Cruise Control SetNo
Windshield Wiper On/OffYes
Turn Signals / Directional IndicatorsYes
Windshield Wiper Delay ControlYes
Package ContentsSwitch
Momentary High Beams FlasherYes
Windshield Wiper Speed SettingsNo
Latching High Beams OperatorNo
Windshield Washer SprayYes
Cruise Control ResumeNo
Main Lights OperatorYes
Cruise Control Speed +/-No
Rear Window Washer SprayNo
Fog Lights OperatorNo
Running Lights OperatorYes


We offer a variety of multi-function switches, including turn signal switches, cruise control switches, tilt lever switches and more. A direct replacement, multi-function switches are an imperative replacement item for safety compliance.

  • checkmarkMulti-function switches operate various systems on the vehicle, including lights, turn signals, cruise control and wiper system
  • checkmarkA necessary replacement item for passing state inspection
  • checkmarkPlug-and-play for easy installation
  • checkmarkAll multi-function switches have been quality tested for trouble-free performance