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Get an exact fit for your Buick Rendezvous

1-13 of 13 Results

1-13 of 13 Results


      Buick Rendezvous Window Lift Motor

      Big, bold and packed with plenty of room for the whole family, your Buick Rendezvous offers style and sophistication in one elegant package. Make sure it's modernized for ease of use and window control by adding a new Buick Rendezvous window regulator from AutoZone.

      Designed for ease and efficiency, a custom window lift motor for Buick Rendezvous lets you roll your windows up and down easily and without using an old-fashioned crank. Whether you want the driver to have all the power or you'd prefer to give it back to each passenger, our Rendezvous window regulators accomplish either goal. Take your pick from our extensive selection when you visit your local AutoZone. In addition to a premium-quality product, enjoy free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing during your next visit. Or, shop with us online and benefit from home shipping.