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Get an exact fit for your Infiniti I30

1-24 of 38 Results

1-24 of 38 Results


      Infiniti I30 Window Lift Motor

      Oftentimes, rolling the windows up or down in your Infiniti I30 sedan goes without a second thought — until the glass pane gets stuck. This could be a possible sign of a faulty Infiniti I30 window regulator. AutoZone carries a wide selection of replacement parts that fits your vehicle needs, so you can easily find the perfect window lift motor from our versatile line-up.

      The window lift motor for Infiniti works with the regulator to adjust the windows in your car. The glass plane moves along the window regulator tracks as the lift motor adjusts the height. These parts are usually sold together, although it's possible to get separate parts if only one needs repair. AutoZone features I window regulators both in store or online, so you're sure to find the best match for your sleek ride.