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Get an exact fit for your Kia Spectra
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        Kia Spectra Window Lift Motor

        Your Kia Spectra mixes fuel economy and zip for a sensible daily driver that's fun to drive. Why let a stuck window ruin your fun? Replace a faulty window regulator with a new Kia Spectra window regulator from AutoZone and boost your ride's functionality with one easy upgrade.

        Nobody wants to be caught in a rain storm with the windows down, and there's no reason you should be. Your automated window regulator allows you to control the movement of all the windows in your vehicle without using the controls situated by each passenger window. Swapping out a failed window regulator is a simple job, and AutoZone is here to help. With access to tools through our Loan-a-Tool program, plus trustworthy advice from knowledgeable staff, AutoZone has everything you need to do the job right.