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Get an exact fit for your Mercedes Benz C230

1-24 of 31 Results

1-24 of 31 Results


      Mercedes Benz C230 Window Lift Motor

      Your Mercedes-Benz C230 is the perfect combination of elegance, class and performance all in one. That's why riding around with the windows up can severely cramp your driving style and comfort. Install a new Mercedes-Benz C230 window regulator from AutoZone to fix your windows and take your driving style and comfort to new heights.

      Your Benz was not made to be strictly driven with the windows rolled up at all times. Don't continue to keep driving around with a broken window relay system. Order a replacement window lift motor for Mercedes-Benz C230 to breathe new life and air into your vehicle's functionality and appeal. You are in complete control of how and when to operate your windows with a regulator that sits at your fingertips.