Toyota Highlander Window Lift Motor

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      About Toyota Highlander Window Lift Motor

      Your Toyota Highlander has a strong engine and offers a quiet ride, but when comfort is a priority while you're driving, replacing the window lift motor for your Toyota Highlander is important. Whether you have one or several individual window controls, loss of power to the main system means that all of the windows stop working together. Shop for a durable replacement from AutoZone and restore functionality to your dependable ride in no time.

      The only way to fix a Toyota Highlander window regulator that has experienced a total loss of power is to replace it. While many modern vehicles have a window control panel near all of the windows designed for passenger control, most systems use a single power relay and supply. With the proper tools and a little know how, replacing the old part with a new one takes just over an hour when you shop with AutoZone. With our Loan-a-Tool program and trustworthy advice provided by our helpful staff, you'll have the job done in no time. You can also take advantage of free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing the next time you visit your local store.