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Get an exact fit for your Toyota Prius
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        Toyota Prius Window Lift Motor

        Durability, fuel economy and aerodynamic styling make your Toyota Prius a stellar hybrid. Every last detail contributes to its satisfying, consistent performance. Keep it that way when your power windows break down by getting new Prius window regulators from AutoZone.

        The window lift motor for Toyota Prius moves your window up and down as efficiently as your car uses fuel. It only takes a click of a button to adjust each window with ease from your driver's seat or let your passengers adjust their own windows. You don't have to sacrifice a moment of efficiency when you order a new Toyota Prius window regulator from AutoZone at an affordable price. Use our Loan-a-Tool program to finish the job right away, and take advantage of our free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you peruse our extensive, in-store assortment.