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Get an exact fit for your Volkswagen Passat

1-24 of 37 Results

1-24 of 37 Results


      Volkswagen Passat Window Lift Motor

      Your Volkswagen Passat is refined, roomy and fuel-efficient. If you hear unusual whirring sounds from your window regulator and there's no movement, it's time to trade your old, factory component for one of AutoZone's high-performing and sturdy Passat window regulators.

      Window regulators, or lift motors, have replaced manual, hand-crank regulators with automation that allows you and your passengers to control the opening adjustments on the windows by using the power switch located on your own arm rests. Get advice from our skilled staff and use our Loan-a-Tool program to borrow specialty tools with only a deposit the next time you visit your local AutoZone. If you need that replacement immediately, choose our Same Day Store Pickup option.