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1-24 of 45 Results


      Windshield Seal (Weatherstrip)

      Seal Your Windshield

      A leaking windshield creates moisture buildup in the interior of your vehicle. Protect your vehicle from damaging moisture with the best windshield seals for cars and trucks. These affordable, durable and long-lasting rubber seals offer the exact fit you need to replace your original part. Discover how a weatherstrip can improve your vehicle today.

      All-Weather Protection

      Rain, snow or dust entering through a damaged windshield seal is uncomfortable. Don't compromise the integrity of your windshield. A premium new seal matches your original windshield or aftermarket setup to offer long-lasting protection against any weather condition you may experience.

      The signs of a faulty, worn-out or damaged windshield seal include a windshield that doesn't feel properly sealed, a leak around the perimeter of your windshield or folds and cracks in the weatherstrip. Windshield seals wear out with normal use, but additional debris, extreme temperature differences and humidity changes can all affect the seal and decrease its lifespan.

      Great DIY Project

      Inspect your weatherstrip today to determine whether you need a new, protective weatherstrip is right for you. Replacing your windshield seal is a great DIY project for any car enthusiast. With a few tools, a new weatherstrip and carefully reading the instructions you'll have your old, cracked seal replaced in as little as 30 minutes.

      First, always read the instructions that accompany your windshield seal and your owner's manual. Some installation procedures may vary. Remove your windshield wipers and old weatherstrip carefully. The weatherstrip may require a utility knife to be fully removed.

      Use duct tape to keep your windshield in place as you clean it thoroughly, let it dry and apply the new windshield. Carefully inspect your new seal. It's very easy for a seal to bunch, fold or otherwise improperly seal. Not only will this cause an air gap that could let in moisture, it also can degrade the seal and damage your brand-new part.

      Whether you're searching for premium replacements or standard OEM seals, shop around to find the lowest prices on windshield seals. With a variety of brands, choose the piece that best fits your price range, quality needs and vehicle make and model.

      If you aren't ready for a DIY project, ask your local mechanic or dealer to replace your seal. A professional installation can offer you a long-lasting hold and confident seal. It should be completed in less than 30 minutes, so you'll have your vehicle in and out of the garage in no time.

      Choose a Quality Component Today

      Find a weatherstrip that offers the perfect fit for your vehicle. These lightweight seals are designed for your exact vehicle, so shop for weatherstrips near me that are durable and long-lasting enough to keep your vehicle on the road and keep your cab dry all year.