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      Windshield Washer Reservoir

      Keep Your Windshield Clean

      A clean windshield is critical for safety when driving at any time and under any weather conditions. Most vehicles have a windshield washer fluid reservoir that connects to a pump and fluid line. These components work together to spray fluid onto the windshield where it is wiped away along with any debris or smudges that could limit visibility. AutoZone has a huge inventory of the best windshield washer reservoirs for cars and trucks. Choose from Dorman windshield washer reservoir replacement tanks as well as vehicle specific options from TechSmart.

      Reservoir Maintenance and Replacement

      Windshield washer reservoirs are made out of durable plastic. A reservoir should remain in good condition for years unless the tank stays empty for a long period of time. Without fluid, cracks may form in reservoir walls or the material may deteriorate. It is also possible for mounting holes to lead to leaks or cause other problems over time. If a reservoir has begun to leak or is visibly damaged, you should search for windshield washer reservoirs near me and replace this component as soon as possible.

      Several measures are necessary to replace a windshield washer reservoir. Install a battery saver to protect the computer in recent model vehicles before disconnecting the ground cable from the negative battery terminal. The reservoir may be located in the upper engine compartment or under a vehicle. Locate the reservoir and remove the bolts, harness and fluid line. Remove the tank and clean the harness plug and pump contacts before installing a new reservoir. Put the new reservoir in place and connect the harness and fluid line. You can then refill the washer fluid, which may or may not need to be diluted with distilled water. 

      Save On Windshield Components

      In addition to a replacement reservoir, you may also need windshield washer fluid in addition to toolsto complete the removal and installation process. AutoZone stocks windshield washer reservoir caps as well as channels, filters, hoses, nozzles and seals for this system. Get all of the parts you need to complete a repair online or arrange for pickup at the nearest store location. Some parts are eligible for next day delivery.

      Find the Right Vehicle Specific Parts

      Windshield washer reservoirs are vehicle specific components, and AutoZone has an inventory of more than 100 different reservoir designs. Narrow down your results to parts that fit your vehicle when searching or browsing by entering the year, make and model into our search tool. If you have any questions about reservoir replacement, fit or part numbers, check the manual for your vehicle or consult with a customer service associate online or in store. AutoZone carries a large selection of windshield washer components and offers the lowest prices on windshield washer reservoirs.