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AutoZone Casualty & Property Insurance

AutoZone and its subsidiaries maintain a comprehensive program of Casualty and Property Insurance designed to protect our company interests as required by the terms of our existing signed contracts, leases, and/or agreements. We have created this web page for use by our Vendors, Clients, Landlords, Landlords Agent(s), Landlords Lender(s), Ground Lessor(s), and any other party who may require evidence of AutoZone's insurance. This web site is applicable only to those who have an underlying contract, lease, and/or agreement where AutoZone is obligated to furnish such evidence of insurance.

Evidence of Insurance

Please select the type of Insurance verification as required by your signed contract, lease, and/or agreement. Please note that use of this information is limited to those with whom AutoZone has a signed contract, lease, and/or agreement.
All other use is strictly prohibited


Casualty Insurance Letter (pdf)

Casualty Insurance MOI (pdf)


Property Insurance Letter (pdf)

Property Insurance MOI/COI (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions about the MOI or evidence of insurance and how it applies to our signed contracts, leases, and/or agreements.

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