Environmental Responsibility
Green Efforts - Doing our part to protect the Earth - The Air - Our Future!

As AutoZone grows, we know our responsibility to the environment grows, and we take it very seriously. From our stores, to our distribution centers, to our transportation fleet, we do all we can to meet the needs of the present while protecting our future.

Our company recycles millions of tons of waste per year

  • 11 million gallons of Used Oil
  • 220,000 tons of used Batteries
  • 19,146 Tons of Cardboard
  • 715,423 Wood Pallets
  • 802 Tons of Plastic
  • 18,118 Tons of Scrap Metal

These efforts prevented more than 250,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, or the equivalency of more than 30,000 US households annually!

Our facilities save millions of kWh of energy per year

  • Centrally managed Energy Management System that controls HVAC and Lighting
  • LED Sensor Enabled Interior Lighting
  • LED Exterior and Sign Lighting
  • Energy Efficient Roofing that reduces heat build up during summer months
  • Weather Sealing on Doors
  • HVAC upgrades with peak power reduction
  • Third-party energy conservation audits in the Distribution Centers

Since 2012, we have reduced kWh usage per square foot by 39%

We reduced fuel use and emissions

By implementing ongoing driver training and reinforcing procedures for our transportation fleet and commercial vehicles we reduced fuel use and emissions.

Our Transportation Fleet has:

  • Reduced idle-time by 43% through the use of auxiliary power units to reduce fuel and related emissions
  • Improved average MPG by over 13% through the use of enhancements to our tractor-trailer fleet to reduce fuel consumption, including:
    • Utilizing advanced air faring packages on tractors and trailers
    • Limiting maximum travel speed to 65 mph
    • Utilizing wide-based tires

Our Commercial Business Vehicles have achieved:

  • Better fuel efficiency and less maintenance by upgrading to more efficient vehicles
  • 2.1 tons of CO2 per truck reduced by replacing 6 cylinder models with 4 cylinder models
  • 1.2 tons of CO2 per sedan reduced by replacing 6 cylinder models with 4 cylinder models
  • 27 basis point reduction in OSHA reported incidents, 17 basis point reduction in lost time injuries

All figures based on 2019 data.

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