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AirSept Line Terminator Rear A/C Block - Off Kit

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Part # AIR76502
SKU # 504149
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Part #AIR76502
SKU #504149
OE-approved rear A/C block-off kits. Block damaged or unused A/C lines — no line R&R. Save time and satisfy customers. Leaking rear A/C components or lines can result in high operating or repair costs. Many car owners would rather avoid that expense and operate the front A/C unit only. With AirSept’s line terminator, you can give your customers an affordable (yet still profitable) alternative to the high cost of repair or replacement labor.
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    Quickly and effectively blocks A/C lines at the damage point or at the front system “y”
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    Block off leaking rear evaporators and failed system components
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    Help maximize front A/C performance
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    Eliminate refrigerant and oil pooling in rear A/C lines