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Get an exact fit for your BMW 325i

1-24 of 49 Results

1-24 of 49 Results


      BMW 325i AC Compressor

      With its finely-tuned balance between power and performance, your 325i represents some of the most precise designs in the automotive industry. Riding in comfort is just part of the experience, which is why you move quickly to replace the BMW 325i AC compressor when it's underperforming.

      The 325i air conditioning compressor does more than just leave you in the hot seat when it stops working. It also drains fuel efficiency if you attempt to run a weak or malfunctioning compressor, since it requires a higher setting to achieve the same results. A new AC compressor puts everything back in balance, restoring your 325i to full function. AutoZone is here to support your maintenance needs with the Loan-a-Tool Program so that you know you have the right equipment to complete every project.