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Get an exact fit for your Buick Park Avenue

1-24 of 44 Results

1-24 of 44 Results


      Buick Park Avenue AC Compressor

      The Buick Park Avenue exudes quiet American class and tradition, and is a great car for low-speed cruising in the summertime with windows down. When air temperatures rise and rolling down the windows doesn't keep you cool, a functioning air conditioner keeps you moving. Stay cool with a new a new Buick Park Avenue AC compressor from AutoZone.

      Though all parts of an AC unit are important, without a functioning compressor, refrigerant ceases to move through the system. An AC compressor for Buick Park Avenue works by increasing the pressure and heat of refrigerant, which later cools by condensation and evaporation. A fan then blows the cool air surrounding the refrigerant into the cabin of your car. AutoZone has Park Avenue air conditioning compressors available for Same Day Store Pickup and even allows you to use the tools necessary for installation through their Loan-a-Tool Program.