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Get an exact fit for your Buick Regal

1-24 of 151 Results

1-24 of 151 Results


      Buick Regal AC Compressor

      Your Buick Regal is an American classic that was made for cruising the city streets of this great country. Don't let hot weather keep you off the road. Replace a worn-out Regal air conditioning compressor with a new AC compressor for Buick Regal from AutoZone.

      When your AC compressor fails, the refrigeration cycle in your Regal comes to halt. The AC compressor performs the essential function of pressurizing and heating refrigerant, allowing the condensation and evaporation processes that occur in coils downstream of the compressor to remove heat from the surrounding air. Whether you own a vintage Regal or a new American classic, AutoZone has a Buick Regal AC compressor to fit your car. With trustworthy advice from friendly employees, AutoZone makes it easy to put your AC unit back in working order.