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1-12 of 12 Results

1-12 of 12 Results


      Chevrolet HHR AC Compressor

      Chevy successfully modernized that retro-wagon style, giving HHR drivers the latest interior features to enhance on-road comfort. To match this package with a steady supply of icy cold air, upgrade your cooling system with AutoZone's aftermarket AC compressor for Chevrolet HHR.

      Your AC compressor is responsible for supplying cold air to your cabin on hot summer days. A premium HHR air conditioning compressor from AutoZone optimizes this process by maintaining the high pressure required to convert refrigerant from a liquid to a gas. Some vehicles even use the compressor for heating functions in the defrost cycle, so it's important to run components that are built to handle extreme weather. With AutoZone, you're guaranteed both quality and value, and our Chevy HHR AC compressor is even available with quick Same Day Store Pickup.