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1-24 of 110 Results


      Chevrolet Tahoe AC Compressor

      Your Chevrolet Tahoe stands above the crowd with its impressive V8 power, quiet ride and plush interior. Don't let an underperforming AC undercut your SUV's legendary comfort. A new Chevrolet Tahoe AC compressor restores your ride's ability to cool and ensures its cabin stays at an ideal temperature, no matter how hot the weather.

      A damaged AC compressor for Chevy Tahoe can't do its job of pressurizing refrigerant and sending it through your vehicle's system. If the seals, pistons or valves on the compressor fail, it's time to install a new Tahoe air conditioning compressor from AutoZone. Our parts are manufactured to the highest standards for durability and high performance. AutoZone's staff of experts is committed to getting you the right products at the right prices, so come into a store or take advantage Same Day Store Pickup when you order online.

      Setting the Proper Temperature
      The roads you hit in your Chevy Tahoe may be rough, but that does not mean your ride has to be. One of the most convenient features of any vehicle you take on the road is the AC to cool off when outside temperatures rise. When your Chevrolet Tahoe air conditioning compressor is on the fritz, it may be a sign of pending full compressor failure, which leaves you anything but cooled off. AutoZone carries a wide selection of compressors to keep you and your passengers comfortable no matter where your tires take you.

      Signs of a Problem
      An AC compressor does not usually quit working without some sort of warning. That warning could come in the form of a squealing or grinding noise, indicating a problem with the belt or possibly internal parts such as the bearings. If the clutch on the compressor goes out, the AC may be constantly engaged or will not turn on at all. If the only air coming through the vents is warm, the compressor has likely gone out.

      AutoZone offers the best prices around on automotive AC compressors for Chevy Tahoe and many other cars, trucks, and SUVs. There are many different parts that make up a compressor, including accumulators, condensers, freon, and the lines that connect everything. While just one part going out could cause the whole compressor to fail, it is often worth it to replace the whole compressor rather than a single part. However, this can quickly drive up the cost if you take your vehicle to a professional mechanic.

      Managing Cost
      Replacing an AC compressor is an involved process, and it is a good idea to let a professional handle it for you. It is possible to lower some of the cost on your own by purchasing the best AC compressor for Chevrolet Tahoe from the selection offered at one of our stores or online, whether you are purchasing for yourself or you are a professional looking to save your customers some money.

      In addition to saving you money on parts, we offer a Loan-A-Tool service. Involved replacements such as an AC compressor may require the use of specialty tools. Rather than purchasing an expensive set of tools that get little to no use, borrow the tools directly from us and return them when the job is done.

      The Right Info When You Need It
      Get your questions answered and the direction you need for parts and replacement by talking to our skilled AutoZone technicians at one of our locations near you. Find the right AC compressor for your Chevrolet Tahoe online and enjoy Next Day Delivery at no cost for eligible orders. Stumped about that Check Engine light? Our Fix Finder service decodes the problem to help you find a solution. Get the help you need right here to get your Tahoe running again.