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Get an exact fit for your Chrysler PT Cruiser

1-23 of 23 Results

1-23 of 23 Results


      Chrysler PT Cruiser AC Compressor

      Despite its retro feel, versatility and utility, your good-looking Chrysler PT Cruiser doesn't feel very good when you're stuck in traffic on a hot day with no air conditioning. If you hear a loud squeal from the AC when you try and turn it on, it's probably time to find a Chrysler PT Cruiser AC compressor replacement.

      The loud squealing from the AC compressor for your Chrysler PT Cruiser is caused by the AC compressor leaking at the seals. Over time, the parts inside the compressor wear out, which allows debris to enter the system and bring about total failure. Not only does a working AC keep you cool in hot conditions, it's also important to maintain the compressor to avoid damage to the alternator, which runs on the same belt as your PT Cruiser air conditioning compressor. When you order a replacement air conditioning compressor from AutoZone, you receive a quality part at an affordable price.