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1-24 of 25 Results

1-24 of 25 Results


      Dodge Neon AC Compressor

      You've probably already noticed this yourself, but your Dodge Neon has exceptional handling and an ample amount of cabin space. Unfortunately, all that space doesn't make up for a broken Dodge Neon AC compressor. As luck would have it, replacements are found at AutoZone.

      During scorching summer days, you're probably extremely thankful for a functioning AC system. When the AC compressor for Dodge Neon stops working, replace it to keep comfortable over long drives. Cool air is a true blessing when you've gone without it for too long, and AutoZone has the right products at the right prices to keep you cozy. Additional services are offered to improve your vehicle's functionality, like free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing. You can also take advantage of our always popular Loan-a-Tool Program.