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1-24 of 58 Results


      Dodge Ram 1500 AC Compressor

      For a heavy-duty pickup truck, your Dodge RAM is one of the best around. If you ever find yourself hauling a heavy load on a blazing summer day, make sure that your Dodge RAM AC compressor is working as it should or else you're in for a bad trip.

      The RAM air conditioning compressor is needed to transform liquid refrigerant into a cool gas. This keeps your interior comfortable while the outside's being beaten by harsh sun rays. This device is also needed to defrost your vehicle when it gets too cold outside. Don't be inconvenienced by something so easy to fix. AutoZone has the right products at the right prices to keep you feeling good.

      Keep Cool
      Your Dodge Ram is your baby, there are no two ways about it. You want to give the best possible care to her, but if don't speak the language of trucks it can be difficult to know where to begin. If a mechanic told you that you needed an AC compressor, would you know how to find AC compressors for cars and trucks? At Autozone, we take pride in our ability to help you find the parts you're looking for, even if its a part that you're unfamiliar with.

      What is It?
      An AC compressor is a pump that serves as an integral piece in your truck's air conditioning unit ' its 'heart,' so to speak, and with all the valves and intricate passageways, this is really not so far off the mark! If your air compressor goes out on your Ram, you will be without cool air. Since there are many different models and pricing options, find the right AC compressor for your Dodge Ram-1500 by speaking to an associate at one of our Autozone locations.

      Is it a Quality Product?
      Buying any product from Autozone guarantees quality. You can buy your Dodge Ram-1500 AC Compressor new or remanufactured, but whichever you choose will not exceed the other. Each product that comes from the factory has been crafted while adhering to strict safety and regulation processes. What does that mean? Well, it means that any AC compressor that you buy from Autozone has been built with the following in mind:

      - Durability: The products are built to stand even the toughest conditions, even if you like to take your truck to the mountains or sand dunes.
      - Form: Every moving piece and part of your Dodge Ram-1500 air conditioning compressor has been crafted to fit your specific make and model.
      - Function: Your new part is working properly and fits like a glove with the rest of the parts in your truck.

      What Kind of Factory Testing is Done?
      Using the latest technology available, all products that leave the manufacturing plant have been tested for:

      - Noise and vibration. Do you have a sound system that shakes the whole vehicle? Well, great news ' an AC compressor from Autozone won't be rattled out of alignment!
      - Durability. Whatever you throw at your truck, the compressor will stay in place and do its job; it was built to withstand tough conditions.
      - Vacuum and pressure decay. The last thing we want is for you to be unhappy with your part, so each AC compressor is tested to make sure that it lives a long life and that there are no leaks.

      We stand by our quality and customer service at Autozone. If you're unfamiliar with the best AC compressor for Dodge Ram-1500, it's our job to help you find one that fits your truck, your budget and your lifestyle.



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      Great quality, works perfect


      in 4 years

      Easy install, good quality compressor. Will definitely purchase this brand in the future.

      What kind of vehicle do you drive? 08 Dodge Ram 1500

      Easy install, good quality compressor. Will definitely purchase this brand in the future.

      What kind of vehicle do you drive? 08 Dodge Ram 1500