2005 Ford F150 A/C Compressor

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1-13 of 13 Results



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Great OEM replacement, but tough to access.


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Getting the old failed compressor out was a major feat. Watching multiple YouTube videos helped, but ultimately finesse and wrangling got it out. The new part fit back in easier than the old one came out...but then you have to try and get it bolted. The top bolt must be pre-inserted into the compressor before positioning it into it's correct mounting location. Holding this heavy part overhead trying to get bolts started while keeping the top bolt from sliding out is like conducting a 3-ring circus! Once you get it mounted/sorted, then you get to try and re-connect the refrigerant line block. With the right combination of extensions/wobble sockets, you can barely access the refrigerant block bolt from above by coming down from near the battery tray. Tighten slowly, constantly checking for alignment of the lines and o-rings before final tightening. I had a leak and had to loosen and re-tighten the block to get it correctly seated.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2005 Ford F150 Lariat 5.4L 4WD