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1-24 of 52 Results

1-24 of 52 Results


      Ford Fusion AC Compressor

      Lively and nimble, your Ford Fusion delivers solid performance. If you hear unusual sounds from the AC, it might be time to consider a replacement compressor. Swap it out with a durable and reliable Fusion air conditioning compressor from AutoZone.

      Air conditioning compressors pressurizes refrigerant and directs it to the air condenser, where the refrigerant is transformed into a gas and distributed into tubes, where heat escapes and the gas is cooled. The cool gas returns to liquid form and is brought back to the compressor so that cold air is available for the vehicle cabin. Buy your Ford Fusion AC compressor online and use the convenient Same Day Store Pickup service. Borrow any specialty tools you need for your automotive work from our popular Loan-a-Tool Program.