Honda Civic AC Compressor

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    1-24 of 106 Results

    About Honda Civic AC Compressor

    A class-leading compact automobile, your Honda Civic has shown time and time again why it's counted on for dependability, superior fuel economy and top-notch features. Protect the functionality of your air conditioning system by upgrading your Honda Civic AC compressor with AutoZone.

    The AC compressor for Honda Civic processes refrigerant and transports it to the automobile's air condenser. This refrigerant material is changed into a gas and the heat involved is released. The newly-cooled gas is transformed back into liquid material as it rejoins the compressor. This is vital because it results in a cooler cabin for your occupants' comfort. AutoZone has the Civic air conditioning compressor you need for your automobile, plus trustworthy advice provided by our helpful staff. Buy a new part today and receive Same Day Store Pickup.

    Stay Cool
    Honda Civics are built to last, with quality components that seldom need replacement. But after you've driven your car for many years, especially if you've been through many hot summers, your Honda Civic air conditioning compressor might be ready for a replacement. If you're wondering whether this component can wait to be replaced, keep in mind that this is one of the most important parts of your Civic's air conditioning system, to keep refrigerant equally distributed and the whole system pressurized correctly. To ensure no further damage is done to your AC, and to stay cool during the hottest times of the year, replacing your AC compressor is recommended. You will find the right AC compressor for your Honda Civic at AutoZone, with a variety of options to choose from.

    Time For a New AC Compressor
    There are some common signals that can alert you when your AC compressor is beginning to fail. The first sign could be that your AC is not cooling your vehicle as well as it used to. Another sign of failure is if you hear loud noises when you turn the AC on in the car. The compressor has a lot of moving parts that are subject to breaking over time simply due to normal wear and tear. A bad or seized bearing will make a high pitched or grinding sound, for example. If the compressor has been damaged from the outside, from paint damage, rust, or if it has oil leaks, this may shorten the life of the part as well.

    The most common reasons for failure include inadequate lubrication or leaky seals. Especially if you have a rebuilt part installed currently, the seals are incredibly important and require extreme precision when being installed. Because this part is so complex, it is generally recommended that you replace the whole thing for long-term cost savings. AutoZone has some of the best replacement AC compressors on the market, for both Honda Civics and many other vehicle makes and models.

    Quality Brands
    It is safest to purchase a brand-new AC compressor from a reputable company. Even though some compressors can be rebuilt, it is very difficult to know what the true quality is and the compressor can be unreliable. If you're choosing an aftermarket part over an OEM part, as long as you know which brands are built with precision and quality, you can rest assured that the new part will give you many years of excellent AC performance. If you pick the right company, your aftermarket AC compressor can turn out to be better quality than an original replacement part, for a fraction of the price. With a number of brand options to choose from, such as 4Seasons, Denso, Santech, and more, you are sure to find the best AC compressor for Honda Civic at AutoZone.