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1-24 of 38 Results

    1-24 of 38 Results

    About Honda CRV AC Compressor

    Popular since its introduction to the U.S. market, your Honda CR-V is beloved for its sedan-like drivability, expansive cargo and passenger capacity and long list of amenities. Ensure the comfort of your passengers by swapping out your AC compressor for Honda CR-V with AutoZone.

    If you've noticed your compact crossover's air conditioning system putting out minimal cold air - or none at all - check the condition of your Honda CR-V AC compressor. The compressor is only one of the components responsible for the cooling of your car, but it's the most critical one. It's vital for processing refrigerant, which is sent to the automobile's air condenser. AutoZone has the right CR-V air conditioning compressor you're looking for, plus free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing to take advantage of at your store visit.

    Keep Your Ride Cool
    In terms of space, performance, comfort and style, your Honda CR-V is a family vehicle that's impossible to beat. Regardless of how comfortable your ride is by default, however, a failing air conditioning system can make driving around less than enjoyable for everyone involved. If you've been experiencing problems with your air conditioner's performance, it may very well be a problem with your Honda CRV air conditioning compressor. Before the hot summer months can make being behind the wheel of your CR-V completely miserable, come to AutoZone to check out the air compressors we have in stock to get your A/C working right again.

    A Driving Force
    Your air conditioning system relies on a number of different components to get clean, cool air flowing into the cabin of your ride. Condensers, evaporators, clutches, dryers, accumulators and expansion valves ' they're all crucial to the process, but without the compressor none of them could do the job at all. This crucial part both begins and perpetuates the cycle of the movement of air and refrigerant. It's the component that's responsible for moving the crucial component of refrigerant throughout the entire system, where it can be cooled and dried and blown into the cabin to refresh you and your passengers during even the hottest days. It regulates pressure and temperature to give you the results you expect.

    Is it Time for a Replacement?
    The main signs that an air compressor has finally bitten the dust include a reduced level of coldness in the air coming into your cabin, or a complete lack of cold air at all. This is because the air compressor is damaged or malfunctioning and unable to push refrigerant through the system. The rest of the system will still work to blow air, but without the presence of appropriate refrigerant levels, that air won't be as cold as it should be. Refrigerant-leaking cracks are the biggest cause of this issue, and the best way to remedy the issue is to replace your air compressor. To find the right ac compressor for your Honda CRV, check out some of the best reviews on AC compressors and visit your local AutoZone store for help choosing the right fit.

    Compressors for Every Budget
    Sometimes you don't have the spare cash to fork over for expensive replacement parts. At AutoZone, we understand that you have other budgetary demands, which is why we're dedicated to giving you the cheapest prices on every option for the best ac compressor for Honda CRV. We have an air compressor for every budget, and our free Same Day Store Pickup allows you to get your part as quickly as possible. Use the drop-down menu at the top of our online page to find the right part to fit your CRV or head in to your local AutoZone store and let our knowledgeable employees help you find the right part for the right price so you can restore your in-cabin comfort to optimal levels in no time.



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    Failed after two years


    in 5 years

    I bought this in June 2016 and this weekend (Sept 2018) the pully failed(seized) and caused the belt to snap. Take my advice and avoid buying this

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2007 Honda CRV

    Reviews for

    Compressor body blasted and cracked open


    in 9 months

    I bought this through the mechanic shop 5 months ago. Today it blasted and cracked open while running. The inside oil and other stuffs splashed everywhere. Don't buy this! The cheapest build quality ever. The worst experience of compressor blast in the middle of road and dripping oil all over.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2009 Honda CRV

    Reviews for

    Chech your ac lines first


    in 2 years

    It's not about their product ac compressor only works if you have pressure on the sistem if you have a leak you compressor won't work in my case a had a bad hose and i replace the compressor just put some air whit a compressor and use soap water to find where the leak is that will save you a lot of money

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? Honda crv 2009