Honda Odyssey AC Compressor

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1-24 of 37 Results

    1-24 of 37 Results

    About Honda Odyssey AC Compressor

    One of the highest-quality automobiles in the competitive minivan field, your Honda Odyssey features a roomy interior and a unique third-row seat that conveniently folds into an area beneath the floor. Ensure maximum ride comfort for yourself and your passengers by investing in a new AC compressor for Honda Odyssey from AutoZone.

    Several automobiles utilize the air conditioning compressor to enable ventilation and heating during the defrost cycle. In addition to this, it's crucial that your car have the ability to cool itself. A fully functioning Honda Odyssey AC compressor sends compressed refrigerant towards your Honda's air condenser. It's then changed into a gas and moved into tubes, where the heat is removed and sent back. This newly cooled gas is indispensable when it comes to chilling your cabin air. Purchase a new Odyssey air conditioning compressor from AutoZone .



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    2 weeks installed so far so good


    in 9 months

    It was easy to install although Iwhen I drained the oil that the compressor came with, was a little dirty.

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? 2010 honda odyssey